Consistent and creative images for business owners and entrepenuers are becoming more common. In a crowded marketplace I can’t emphasise enough how important bespoke imagery that are true to your business and its brand values is.

Recently I had the opportuntity to capture a day in the life of Valley Grown Salads. What I love about VOS is the pride of the entire organisation from the management team right down to the packers who spend hours taking the utmost care to meet their daily quota. It was recorded as one of the hottest days on record on this particular day and great care was taken to ensure everyones wellbeing was front of mind.

The shoot needed to capture the efficiency, professionalism and state of the art operation that VOS have become known for.

Because of the nature of their business, I looked to capture opportunities that would incorporate the humanside with the every day automation. Also by taking advantage of the hard edged metal contrasting against the colourful array of vegetables made for engaging images.

VOS have gone on to make full use their bank of photographs for a variety of digital and print marketing activities.

If you want to brand yourself for success and ready to put a face behind the name of your business, reach out and lets get you some cracking photos!