How does one stand out from the Noise?

With digital marketing taking the lead as a platform to draw attention to your brand it is ever more important these days to present your business and your brand in the way you would like your business to be perceived.

Branding is is the biggest differentiator between your business and every other business that does the same as you or sells the same thing as you. With digital marketing and the variety of social media platforms so readily available out there one might ask ‘how does one stand out from the noise’? I stand firm with the knowledge that understanding yourself, your business and defining your style is key to differentiating yourself from the many hundreds of people and businesses out there. Which is why every business should have a portfolio of on-brand photos of their business. Its not a luxury but rather a necessity in todays world of online marketing.

Having consistent and creative imagery is necessary to distinguish yourself from others in your industry. A curated styled shoot session to use for website and social media images offers many benefits, for the most part, it would pull everything you and your business is about together.

When planning a curated shoot, make sure you care about your brand images as much as you care about your logo, brand voice, content, etc.

Whatever you sector in business, be it manufacturing, construction and building, landscaping, from artisans to entrepreneurs you can up-level your brand.

One thing for sure is if I’m attracted to beautiful and consistent images on a website or on Instagram, I’m pulled in to learn more. Not only that, but I’m more likely to remember you and come back!

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